Electronic Toll Collection Electronic Toll Collection

For welfare of travellers and countrymen and for the first time in the nation and through collaboration of Ministry of Road and Transportation, Bank Maskan launched electronic payment system of charges at Tehran-Pardis Pay Tolls. Presently, Ghom-Tehran, Ahvaz-Bandar Imam and Tehran-Ghom (Past Airport at entrance of Ghom) Pay Tolls have been equipped with this system.

According to this project, nationwide drivers may provide “Tag for electronic payment of charges” attached on the automobile window and benefit from the entire advantages of this project as detailed hereunder:

  • No-stop passing the special lines of this project at pay tools and eventually decreased time of travel and fuel consumption;
  • Omission of cash sum and management of number of passages and payments by observing the corresponding transactions through the internet portal;

How to provide the label for e-payment of charges:

  • Referring to internet site and registration of request at www.maskan-avarezi.ir and receipt of the tag by post;
  • Referring to licensed tag sales agencies in person introduced by strategic center for national e-payment system of charges;
  • Pall tolls are equipped with e-payment system of charges (referring to the special toll for electronic payment of charges);

Selected branches of Bank Maskan:

Since the customers have highly welcomed the purchase of tag through e-payment system of charges and process of sending the tag by post within 48 hours and in order to meet full satisfaction of the customers and to prevent penalty charged on automobiles within the deadline (72 hours), certain arrangements have been implemented. From Aug. 1, 2016 onward, purchase operation of tags from the said system has been fulfilled through capability of defining the automobile plate and applying the corresponding charge.


Cost of tag for e-payment of charges and how to charge the same:

  • Primary cost of provision of tag for e-payment of charges is received from applicants just once and the same can be charged repeatedly.
  • Note: Cost of tag can be viewed at www.maskan-avarezi.ir.
  • How to charge the credit of tag for e-payment of charges:
  • Credit charge of tag for e-payment of charges
  • Through internet and referring to www.maskan-avarezi.ir and purchase of credit through the cards members of SHETAB (Inter-bank Information Transfer Network);
  • Using Mobile System of Bank Maskan (The latest version is able to view the balance of charge);
  • Through USDD system of Bank Maskan and dialing the special code of *714#714 through all lines of Irancell and Hamrah-e-Aval;
  • Using Telephone Bank system of Bank Maskan (+98-21-64096);
  • Through all ATMs of Bank Maskan;
  • Through all kiosks of Bank Maskan;
  • Through Internet Bank Maskan;
  • Pay tolls are equipped with e-payment system of charges (referring to the specific toll for e-payment services of charges);
  • Selected branches of Bank Maskan;
  • Referring to licensed tag sales agencies in person introduced by the nationwide strategic center of e-payment system of charges;

Note 1- The vehicles passing the line equipment with e-payment system of charges will be charged with IRR 300,000.00 as penalty if they do not have the tag or lack the sufficient fund in their tag.

Note 2- In case the tag is inactive or it is being transferred, the customers may refer activate the tag up to 72 hours after they pass the highway by submitting the vehicle ID and National ID Card and referring to the branches of Bank Maskan.

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