Facilities Maskan Card Facilities Maskan Card

“Maskan Card for Loan Facilities” as the product of Bank Maskan is before you to provide day and night services promptly for the holders of savings and core loan facilities accounts at Bank Maskan.

You as customers of Bank Maskan may benefit from the following services if you have this Card:


Special Services of Maskan Card for Loan Facilities:

  1. Cash and noncash payment of installments at all branches on online basis;
  2. Noncash payment of installments through SHETAB Banking System (Inter-Bank Information Transfer Network) cards at portals connected to SHETAB Banking System
  3. Noncash payment of loan installments  through telephone bank, mobile bank, internet bank, ATM, kiosks and terminals of Branches of Bank Maskan;
  4. Payment of loan installments and payment to savings accounts through regular draft system;
  5. Cash and noncash payment to card accounts of Maskan Savings Fund through the aforesaid methods;
  6. Withdrawal from card accounts of Maskan Savings Fund up to desirable amount at all branches;
  7. Obtaining bank statements and that of loan facilities and savings through  Maskan Internet Bank;

In order to benefit from noncash payment services, all customers may refer to the branches of Bank Maskan for the first time and request for “Maskan Card” and for activation of online processes.


Payment of loan facilities through ATMs connected to SHETAB Banking System

Bank Maskan has provided certain facility for the customers who do not have an internet access to pay their loan installments in system through which the said customers are able to pay the loan installments through all ATMs connected to SHETAB Banking System

and all SHETAB  Banking System cards at any time during 24 hours.


Online payment of loan installments through internet bank, mobile bank, telephone bank and kiosks of Bank Maskan:

Aiming at development of electronic banking means and providing more efficient services, Bank Maskan has taken effective steps to meet full satisfaction of its costumers so that the customers, irrespective of  time and place limitations, are able to duly pay their loan installments on appointed dates.


Online payment to and withdrawal from savings account through all branches of Bank Maskan:

Aiming at meeting full satisfaction of its customers, Bank Maskan has provided the facility for online payment to and withdrawal from saving accounts of the loan recipients (Housing and the Youth, construction and ...) across all of its branches. Withdrawal from the said accounts is pending on

submission of the card and its password by the customers and confirmation of their identity at branches of Bank Maskan.


Settlement of installments and payment to saving account through regular draft system:

In case of inclination of customers to pay the loan facilities or payment of certain amounts to saving accounts of loan recipient within certain time intervals, this facility has been provided for customers through regular draft system. This can be done through the following two procedures:

  1. Referral of customers to the branch and requesting for activation of regular draft at four-deposit system;
  2. Referral to internet bank or Maskan mobile bank  and registration of the request by the customer;


Prompt Issuance of Card at all branches of Bank Maskan:

Issuance of card is made for saving accounts only and it is possible to issue the corresponding card at opening branch.

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