Ordinary Gift Card Ordinary Gift Card

  • This card is of Shetab type and it is for purchase of goods. It is not able to make cash receipt using these cards.
  • Password of routine gift card can be changed. In case the password is forgotten or lost, it is able for the first applicant to refer to the card seller branch and obtain the password again. The Branch may confirm the identity of the applicant based on existing documents. After confirmation by branch responsible authorities and completion of the application form for duplicate password, it is possible to issue the duplicate password.
  • Referring to ATM,  one is able to assign an internet password to the said cards.
  • Purchase of gift card is made without payment of commission fee and it bears an expiry date.
  • Validity date of all gift cards is given one year.
  • Gift cards can be sold for maximum amount of IRR 5,000,000.00
  • Using this card, one is able to pay the corresponding bills.

Resale of Gift Card

In case the holders of expired gift cards with certain balance, holding of one of the aforesaid documents:

  • ID attached to the card;
  • Second copy of the card purchase form;
  • Accounting deed of purchased cards;
  • resale of gift card can be done.


  • If expiration date of the card has passed;
  • The branch controls the balance of the card that can be withdrawn;

Note: In case the balance of the card is less that face values of common gift cards, the differential amount of the same to higher face value of the card is received and a new gift card is sold and handed over.

  • Confirmation of identify of the card holder;
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