SATNA Inter-Bank Money Order SATNA Inter-Bank Money Order

Dear customers,

Bank Maskan has provided you with this facility through which instead of receipt of cash sum from branches or receipt of inter-bank check, you are able to transfer the concerned amount to branches of other banks without payment of commission fee and by using SATNA. SATNA is an electronic facility that processes and settles inter-bank transactions and instructions of prompt payments  instantaneously and individually. Using this system, you are able to transfer any sum of money from your account at this bank to the concerned account at any bank in written and electronically on the same date.

Advantages of SATNA:

  • Money transfer to any of branches of banks members of SHETAB
  • Money transfer above IRR 150,000,001 ;
  • Money transfer without commission fee;
  • Money transfer on time concerned by customers;
  • High security and saving time;


What stages should you go through for benefiting from SATNA Services?

  • Referring to one of branches of Bank Maskan and completion of the corresponding forms to request for money transfer through SATNA;
  • Control of form by the bank and confirmation of the said form;
  • Sending of your request to SATNA Center;
  • Payment of the amount that you have requested to the account of bank of destination;


Note: For money transfer through SATNA, you should have the account at branch of origin, complete particulars of branch of destination and IBAN of the beneficiary account.



  1. Instruction for payment issued will not be withdrawn and it is valid after it is confirmed and sent and settlement of the same is among the obligations of the Bank.
  2. Presently in this system, payment of the corresponding amount above IRR 150,000,001 is made.
  3. Working hours of this System is given as follows:
  • From Saturday to Thursday: From 8:00 to 15:30;
  1. Responsibility for probable mistake, delay and failure to pay to the beneficiary account caused due to incorrect information given by you will be assumed by you and no responsibility is created on the part of the Bank.
  2. You should specify the corresponding date of money transfer in SATNA Form. This date (effective date) can be adjusted for the next days as well. In case effective date coincides one of public holidays due to any reason, the bank will make transfer in the first working day after the holidays.
  3. In case due to any reason it is not possible to pay the corresponding amount to the beneficiary account, the bank will refund the said amount subject of transfer to the account of the party who issued the instruction within maximum end of the next working day.
  4. Issuing party or beneficiary of instruction for payment may inquire from the bank of origin and bank of destination of status of payment instruction.
  5. SATNA System of the banking system is not active during public holidays.


Contact number of SATNA responding units in the National Banking System

Name of bank, backup contact number, SATNA name, backup phone number, SATNA, support contract number and SATNA:

Name of Bank

SATNA Support Contact No.

Name of Bank

SATNA Support Contact No.

Name of Bank

SATNA Support Contact No.

Eghtesad Novin Bank

+98 21 82332095

Export Development Bank of Iran

+98 21 88700924

Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank

+98 21 89590369

Ansar Bank

+98 21 88311362

Bank Hekmat Iranian

+98 21 89571230

Resalat Qarz Al-Hasaneh Bank

+98 21 77641943

Iran Zamin Bank

+98 21 22913874

Middle East Bank

+98 21 88724508

Karafarin Bank

+98 21 256215070

Iran-Venezuela Bi-National Bank

+98 21 88798892

Bank Day

+98 21 28931284

Bank Keshavarzi Iran

+98 21 84893377-9

Ayandeh Bank

+98 21 85932232

Refah Bank

+98 21 82188306-7

Tourism Bank

+98 21 22634629

Bank Shahr

+98 21 66728896

Saman Bank

+98 21 23095413

Bank Mellat

+98 21 64572490-94

Parsian Bank

+98 21 84842523

Bank Sepah

+98 21 35912420-21

Bank Maskan

+98 21 88325456

Bank Pasargad

+98 21 82891316-18

Sarmayeh Bank

+98 21 88890842

Bank Melli Iran

+98 21 33955852

Post Bank of Iran

+98 21 81562045

Sina Bank

+98 21 85573124

Credit Institution

+98 21 88677854

Bank Tejarat

+98 21 66484049

Bank Saderat Iran

+98 21 88833707

Askarie Credit Institution

+98 21 88034867

Tose’e Ta’avon Bank

+98 21 61032268

Bank of Industry and Mine

+98 21 27874057

Kowsar Credit Institution

+98 21 82133215




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